About us.

DOLPHIN PRO NUTRITION : Get the shape you want !

My name is Sacha and I want you to understand something very important, I am not trying to sell proteins and chemicals! My goal is to give you knowledge and help you integrate the proper use of supplements into your workout routine to help you get the shape you want, the right way and the safe way.

I started my career 25 years ago in Switzerland, with qualifications in bio-mechanics and sports science, I worked as a personal trainer to athletes from various sports disciplines as well as sports teams. My philosophy and methodology has always been based on three key essential life factors, eating, sleeping, and exercising.

These are the basic activities that everyone does no matter how rich or poor you are.

Now, I am almost 50 years old and I have taken care of my body all my life.

I have created Dolphin Pro-Nutrition to help other people live a more functional and healthy lifestyle and help people get into whatever shape they feel comfortable with, no matter where they are from or whatever they do in life. To help people live a young life!!!!

My 25 years in this field is not simply learned from books and watching on-line videos, it has come from actual experience with real people, helping them to achieve their goals and celebrate their successes.