Thailand Fitness Bootcamp.

Thailand Fitness Holidays Bootcamp Programs for 40 Years Old by Dolphin Pro Nutrition is individual program because you’re uniqueness, some program get click to other person but not you that the reason why we’ll doing a special nutrition program and workout plan for only you.

An all-inclusive program. Each and every meal, training session, personal trainer, fitness class, etc. We’ve even added extras like aroma massage. Everything is taken care of before your arrival, so you can focus entirely on your weight loss and transformation body goals.

Each day during our Thailand bootcamp, you will be served tasty, healthy menus cooked by a chef in a great star hotel, KC Grande Resort & Spa. Our expert international Fitness Trainer from Switzerland, Sacha Ulmer with over  25 years of experience in Fitness & Health management will provide educational talks and help tailor exercises to care for your needs.  Evenings are for relaxation and recovery with an aroma massage.

We provide you with exact results. In case you should back home before get results, we’re offer you an online personal trainer to continue your goal until you get your shapes results.