10 Secrets! How to lose weight after 40

Are you thinking to change yourself then turn to health care and weight loss after 40?

Of course, weight loss during our age. It is very challenging. In addition to the physical condition has changed. Responsibility has increased. It’s not like we were teenagers.

In this article for good techniques to help women, age 40+ lose weight and not come back fat again.

How to lose weight after 40?
Weight loss, if it is to work, must start with the right way. Let’s see how it first.

1. Good Fats and Bad Fats

We are older. Saturated fat from fast food, cakes, and donuts began to show itself more and more.

Saturated Fat has a direct impact on the circulatory system. Increased risk of high blood pressure. And the risk of heart disease is higher.

There are many kinds of research that found. Saturated fats affect the functioning of the brain. The result is lack of concentration and risk of memory loss with offline.

Actually, saturated fats from foods such as seafood, eggs or meat. Very poor health. Actually, we should abstain or reduce processed foods. The fat from processed foods is the most dangerous. So, I would like to recommend to reduce/abstain from white bread, coffee/tea (with milk and sugar), donuts, pizza and fried foods (fried oil).

The World Health Organization has warned us about saturated fats from red meat. Because it contributes to heart disease. This is the number one cause of death today.

Sure, if we have to record the food that is eaten at each meal. Control calorie intake and balance the main nutrients. The risk of heart disease is reduced. If we choose the meat that is less, such as the inside and the breast, it will help us get useful nutrients such as protein.

As we age, we should turn to sea fish with more fatty acids, such as salmon, which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, or is a vegetable fat, too. Chia Seed) or flax seed, which is rich in beneficial fatty acids. We also have fiber food. To reduce constipation.

The food I mentioned above. It is good to lose weight after the age of 40, it also helps to slow down. Reduce risk of heart disease and brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease.

We should get the main nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats), minerals and vitamins from eating most of them. Dietary supplements may also reduce the risk of malnutrition. But do not forget that. Supplements will have side effects. So pay close attention to the food you eat at each meal. If you are thinking of taking supplements like vitamin B, it should consult your doctor before.


Research abroad experimental groups with pets such as dogs and cats have better physical and mental health. Because the researchers found. This group has hormone Cortisol or less stress hormone. And cholesterol levels (worse) is lower than other women at home alone.

The researchers also found that. Women group with pets There are less common health problems. When measured from the number of visits to the doctor.

Researchers report The reason that women group with pets are healthier. Because they have to take the dog to walk every day. If someone has a cat, it must be cleaned regularly. It forces him to move his body.

On the other hand, a group without a pet will spend most of its time sitting and sleeping dormant.

Another benefit of having a pet is Mental health will improve. And stimulate us to exercise in it.

Take a dog in the morning and evening. It is like exercising with walking, running and cycling for about 30 minutes, because the movement of the body to help the blood flow to the brain a lot. Brain health is good and also burn fat around the waist offline.

Women who exercise with a daily morning run. The risk of osteoporosis and arthritis (Arthritis) less.

But we should observe our body well. Anyone who has problems with joints such as knee pain or hip pain. Tread lightly with a speedy walk will deliver better results. And should find running shoes to reduce the impact.

3. Joints need good care.

I was the one who had suffered from chronic pain before, so I let go of the exercise because of the fear of knee failure.

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Osteoporosis and lesser disease.

But for those who have problems with the muscles or the middle line, it will give you better results and should shock you.

4. Encourage the brain to work more. (Activate Your Brain)

There are many types of those who are healthy and healthy at all times. Weight training, playing new instruments or communicating with new friends.

5. Sodium is the enemy.

Sodium (Sodium) is a factor in high blood pressure.

Most people find that older people have higher blood pressure (overall). One of the ways to reduce blood pressure is to reduce the amount of sodium from foods and beverages.

How to reduce sodium simply. Start by avoiding salty foods (chopped) and processed foods. Because these foods are very high sodium.

In fact, even the buns that are sold in the department store contain too much salt. So we should read the food labels before buying them. And what brand of food? Without food, labels Should avoid it. Because we can not know that. What are the ingredients inside? And how much calorie?

6. Food Logs

Today’s technology is a factor no. 6, so we have to use it for the best benefit.

Did you know that now that we are looking at overall health? Or even eat food at each meal. It’s easy to fingertip because there are applications that we can load on mobile, such as MyFitnessPal.

Recording At first, it may look boring and boring. But when we do a few months, we will know more about our eating habits. And it can be a good amount of food.

For example Every day, I do not have to weigh the weight of meat. If we record and weigh food constantly. We will be able to change the volume with the same feeling.

Researchers found that people who record food information eat. And regular health information. Will have discipline in health care. And to deal with health problems are much more.

7. Begin Again

Many people I know do not take care of themselves at the age of 20-30 years, most of them will eat healthy foods such as chicken wings fried with oil, cakes, butter, margarine and soft drinks.

But now we have a new beginning, I think now is a good opportunity to start taking care of yourself.

Start by walking 15-30 minutes a day, then gradually change the eating habits, such as from eating rice on a regular basis. It may be added to the brown rice to mix about 20-30%, then gradually increase the amount of brown rice until the remaining 30% of white rice.

8. Choose Wisely

A simple principle to eat food. Weight loss after age 40 is the least processed option. Who has time to prepare their own food? It can control the number of calories and lose weight faster. We will know the number of raw materials.

The food I recommend It should be as healthy as most meat, such as lean pork, chicken breast, seafood, green leafy vegetables (do not forget all colors), and do not forget to drink milk fat. In order to get calcium to care for my bone.

If anyone like cereal breakfast I recommend Whole Grains (whole grains), vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

9. Stability

Older women risk falling and possibly fracture/fracture. Therefore, the exercise focused on the strength to balance is very important.

The exercise I recommend. Stand-alone Because the body is forced to stabilize in fact, yoga is another way to help it. Another yoga practice at home. No risk of injury. And also sweat and burn fat.


Muscle mass helps us burn more calories. It also helps to improve overall health. The main age 4 girls can play Vedic. Training like a robot like 20 years old.

Do not fear steel. Choose the right weight and get the right way.

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