Just 2 Steps! How to Do a Chin Up for Your Back. (VDO)

               In most training programs, it is inevitable that Pull Ups and Chin Ups will have at least one of these two positions in your training program. Because these two poses are great exercises because they help to build many muscles and strengthen the muscles of your back and arms (Biceps), and this position is also often used as a test of the strength of the body.

               Chin-Up Training begins with hanging from the bar with both hands up. Hold the bar with a width that is slightly wider than the shoulder. Dropped down naturally the muscles of the back stretched.

How to Chin-up for your back

  1. Starting from deep breathing. Then exert a muscular contraction. To raise the body the back muscles are squeezed. By lifting up try to open the elbows to the back of the body with the release of the breath.
  2. Slowly release the muscles back down to lower back to prepare with the deep breathing one last time.

           Chin-up uses other skills in training, such as stabilization, positioning. In some cases, people who practice Lat Pulldown are heavier than their own weight. Therefore, the training of the body to use the muscles used in Chin-up training can actually help the trainer to pull the Chin-up finally.

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