Easy healthy Thai recipes : Spicy Chicken Breast

Easy healthy Thai recipes

Spicy Chicken Breast

192 calories Protein 38.9 grams

This menu is for healthy lovers. It’s a Spicy Chicken Breast with Thai dressing. Chicken breast is usually dry and not tasty. By the way, today I will rip the chicken breast, then make a tasty Thai dressing and still healthy. Let’s cook together!

– Boiled Chicken breast or grilled chicken 1 piece
– 2 tablespoons lime
– 2 tablespoons fish sauce
– 2 teaspoons sugar
– Cayenne pepper or freshly ground chili
– 1 teaspoon rice
– 1 red onion (If you like it, you can fill it. If you do not like then leave it.)
– Roasted rice 1/2 teaspoons
– 1 spring onion/scallion

1. Rip the boiled Chicken breast or grilled chicken breast into the small piece.
2.Cook the Thai dressing as you like by mix the ingredient together.
3. Serve with Riceberry rice or sticky rice with fruit so you will get full of nutrients.

This is an easy menu which you can cook easily at your home. Moreover, it has low calories and rich in the nutrient.

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