5 Ways to Gain Strong Leg Muscle for Women before Island Man Race

Having strong legs for the Island Man race is very important because the Island Man race has many challenge activities to let you test your strong legs. Moreover, it is easy for your running workout, increase performance, and speed up your running.

If you are looking for the ways to gain the strong legs before Island Man Race, here are five tips that sure to help you in time.

1.Balance Your Diet

If you really want to gain strong leg muscle, you should make sure that you do not have a calorie deficiency. It means that you should have enough protein to be a source of your legs exercise, because if your muscle-building workout use more energy than you’re having, you will lose both fat and muscle.

The muscles need protein, particularly lean protein, thus make sure you’re eating enough to sustain healthy muscle growth.

2. Do the squat

If you want to target your leg muscles, you can do it with the correct position and suitable set for your legs. For a basic squat, stand with your legs hip-distance apart, keeping your weight balanced more toward your heels. Then simply squat down until your knee forms a right angle and come back up again.

Be sure to also keep your back straight, resisting the urge to tip forward.

Depending on your fitness level, you should ideally decide how many sets is enough for your legs, for example, the beginners should do the three sets of 12 squats per day.

3. Do the walking lunges

Walking lunges is another great way to target your leg muscles. Standing with your feet together, take a giant step forward with one leg and then come back to standing.

“Your front leg should get to a 90-degree angle and your back knee should come close to the ground without touching it

” This is the easy step that you can do the walking lungs to achieve strong leg muscle.

Doing the walking lunges three sets of 12 lunges on each leg is sufficient to build the strong leg muscles per day.

4. Do leg extensions

For doing a leg extension, you need a leg extension machine, which is standard in any gym with a weight room. Start with weights that provide light resistance and start to do it.

Firstly, sit on the leg extension machine with your knees bent and your feet under the lower bar. Then extend your leg, keeping a slight bend at your knee even at the peak of the motion, then lower it. Lastly, repeat 12 times for 3 sets.

5. Give it the rest

Give it the rest means having good curative sleep, which is when your body sets to take rest to rebuild and repair the muscle. The muscle builder should not exercise too heavy to get the muscle but should manage it appropriately.

Following these five tips absolutely give you the strong leg muscle before the Island Man because it covers the good training, proper diet and effective rest which is the best way of building the muscle.

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